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International Lincolnshire Poacher 2016

Paul Cooper1st
Edward Kennet2nd
Harland Cook3rd
James Shane4th
Daniel Winterton5th
Charley Powell6th
James Wright7th
Tim Kobes8th
1000cc Sidecar Place
Rod Winterburn 1st
Gareth Winterburn 2nd
Rob Bradley 3rd
Colin Blackbourn 4th
N/F 5th
N/F 6th
Bahnrekord SidecarSolo Record
Gareth WinterburnJames Shane

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Solo   Sidecar
Jannick de Jong 2015 Gareth Winterburn/Billy Winterburn
Bernd Diener 2014 Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters
Theo Pijper 2013 Rob Bradley/Shaun Simpson
Bernd Diener 2012 Colin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh
Andrew Appleton 2011 Rob Wilson/Terry Saunter
Tom Perry 2010 Rob Bradley/Shaun Simpson
Joe Screen 2009 Myles Simmons/Kevin Woodley [1000cc]
Andrew Appleton 2008 Myles Simmons/Kevin Woodley [1000cc]
Andrew Appleton 2007 Colin Blackbourn/Paul Whitelam Jnr. [1000cc]
Willam/Nathalie Matthijssen [500cc]
Robert Barth 2006 Rob Wilson/Nicky Owen
Robert Barth 2005 Rob Bradley/Jason Gill
Paul Hurry 2004 Colin Blackbourn/Paul Whitelam Jnr
Event Not Held 2003 Event Not Held
David Howe 2002 John Halsey/Jason Glenie
Cancelled due to foot & mouth 2001 Cancelled due to foot & mouth
Paul Fry 2000 Colin Blackbourn/Martin Bailey
Kelvin Tatum 1999 Gary Jackson/Carl Pugh
Not held 1998 Not held
Joe Screen 1997 Gary Jackson/Mick Stace
Kelvin Tatum 1996 Alan & John Blewitt
Paul Fry 1995 Gary Jackson/Mick Stace
Trevor Banks 1994 Roger Measor/Shane Lapham
Tony Atkin 1993 Gary Jackson/Kevin Williams
Richard Musson 1992 Ken Lane/Mark Edwards

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